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A hijacked taxi ride of classic tunes from the back­streets of Bucharest.

The heart of the band is the mighty cimbalom, a semi-extinct 145-stringed giant dulcimer that refused to go quietly. Something like the offspring of a honky­tonk piano and a xylo­phone, bolstered by blister­ing acc­ordion, sinuous violin, and thumping double bass.

Exciting, authentic and thoroughly-researched performances

Canberra Critics’ Circle Award 2019

From diverse and colourful strands – Otto­man court music, raw Balkan peasant folk, the legend­ary inventive­ness of Roma (gypsy) music­ians, a hand­ful of tango and jazz – Super Rats weave a magic carpet to whisk you away to distant times and places, in a show full of pan­ache, humour and dedic­ation to the beauty in these charming­ly crook­ed melodies.

Think of that magnificently brisk soundtrack from The Grand Budapest Hotel and you’re somewhere in the ballpark… dip your toe into something new.

Adelaide Advertiser

Band leader and Australia’s ‘chief cimb­alom nerd’ Tim Meyen studied with master trad­itional musicians in Romania for over a decade before assembling a hand-picked crew of rolled-gold Australian music­ians to form Super Rats. Together they careen through auth­entic muzică lăutarească in their own consum­mate style, sure to please curious ears.

A dedicated and hard-working band!

Mrs. Nineta Bărbulescu, Ambassador of Romania

Band members

Tim Meyen –cimbalom
Alister Price –accordion
Pip Thompson –violin
Simon Milman –double bass

Tight, rhythmically complex … entertaining traditional dance tunes.

Michael Coghlan, the Clothesline

So why Super Rats?

Super Rats is a pun. It sounds like the Romanian word supărați, mean­ing “annoyed ones”. So far, no-one has laughed at this, but there’s still hope.